krayZILLA-sidebarKratzilla is proud to offer four (4) strains of Kratom packaged either powder or capsules.

Pick up your pack of either pure kratom powder or kratom capsules, which boast the following benefits:

  • made from 100% all natural, native Kratom trees
  • 100% organic
  • filled with the purest Kratom on the market
  • no adulterants or added chemicals
  • delivered in sealed packages to ensure freshness and maximum potency

Kratom 6 capsules

Our 6 capsule size of Kratzilla is a great way to try out Kratom for the first time or a perfect addition to your desk drawer at the office, your gym bag, purse or anywhere else you might want to keep a backup supply of pure Kratom.

Kratom 18 capsules

Our 18 capsule size of Kratzilla is a great option for regular users. Build up your supply of Kratom or share with friends. Once you try Kratzilla Kratom, you’ll be buying in bulk for sure!