Green Maeng Da Powder


Green Maeng Da is one of the most balanced (and powerful) kratom strains found anywhere in the world. At Kratzilla, our Kratom powder is the perfect way to get a serving of Green Maeng Da into your system by allowing you to mix it in with your favorite foods and beverages, or with other Kratzilla kratom powders — allowing you more control over your custom formula, serving size and delivery method.

  • 25g: $8.99
  • 50g: $12.99
  • 250g: $29.99
  • 1kg:  $99.99


“Maeng Da” is Thai slang for “pimp grade”, which is a fitting term when it comes to describing the effects of this variety of green vein kratom. Green maeng da kratom is considered to be the strongest form of green vein kratom on the market, considering it has higher concentrations of the alkaloids that give kratom its effects. With our green maeng da kratom powder, you can experience potent, long-lasting effects. Mix it into a cup of coffee or tea, or blend it in with a smoothie. You can even play around with formulating your own kratom blends by mixing our green maeng da powder with our red or white maeng da powders to find a custom formulation that provides whatever effects you might be looking for.

Our kratom powders are made with fair trade kratom sourced from native Southeast Asian trees. Each powder is 100% organic and is left pure so you don’t have to worry about any adulterants or chemicals. They’re perfect for mixing into foods and beverages, taking control over your ideal serving size, and coming up with your own kratom blends to help you strike the perfect balance between wellness and therapeutic effects. Opt for Green Maeng Da kratom powder when you need to manage pain, level out your mood, or chase away feelings of stress or anxiety.

Whether you just want more control over your kratom experience or if you want to enjoy a natural supplement in your morning coffee or evening tea, Kratzilla has you covered.