Red Maeng Da Powder


Red Maeng Da is a supremely powerful variety of red vein kratom that offers balanced, pain-relieving effects and may help you find your zen during a hard day. Count on Kratzilla for the perfect organic red maeng da powder that you can mix into foods and beverages, use in custom formulas, and have more control over your serving size.

  • 25g: $8.99
  • 50g: $12.99
  • 250g: $29.99
  • 1kg:  $99.99


Our red maeng da kratom powder is made with kratom sourced from trees in Southeast Asia using fair trade practices. This powder (and all of our other powders) are made with 100% organic kratom leaves and contain no added preservatives, adulterants, or chemicals. You can mix them into your favorite foods and beverages, giving you more control over your ideal serving size. More importantly, our red meaning da kratom powder can be mixed with our green or white powders to help you find the perfect blend for finding your balance. Choose red maeng da kratom powder when you’re looking for a balanced mood, rest, relaxation and pain relief.

“Maeng Da” is a slang term from Thailand for “pimp grade”, meaning that red maeng da kratom powder is the strongest version of red vein kratom powder on the market. It has a higher alkaloid content than other red vein blends, which means that you can use it for stronger, longer lasting effects. Mix yours into a cup of coffee in the morning or your hot tea at night, or add it to smoothies or other foods. If you’re looking for more control over your servings, or you just want to explore a natural way to reduce pain and feel more centered during the day, red maeng da kratom powder from Kratzilla has got you covered.