White Maeng Da Capsules


White maeng da kratom is a very powerful type of white vein kratom that offers a balanced pain-relieving effect and tons of positive mental energy that may keep you focused and motivated when you have lots of work to do. When you need organic, white maeng da, trust Kratzilla’s white maeng da capsules for a consistent, discreet, and measured serving time and time again.

  • 25 capsules: $9.99
  • 50 capsules: $14.99
  • 250 capsules: $39.99
  • 1 kilogram: $139.99


White maeng da kratom capsules are made from pressed white vein kratom powder encausplated with a vegan vegetable capsule. Inside the capsule, you’ll find 0.6mg of 100% organic white maeng da kratom from fair trade sources in Southeast Asia and no chemicals, additives, or other adulterants. Enjoy all of the potentially therapeutic benefits of white maeng da kratom without sacrificing your dietary preferences with Kratzilla. Or white maeng da kratom capsules are great for discreet and consistent measured doses that you can enjoy anywhere.

“Maeng da” is a slang term for “pimp grade”. This type of kratom gets its name for being the strongest, highest grade form of white kratom on the market. Since it tends to have a higher alkaloid percentage than other white vein varietals, it might be stronger, longer-lasting, and more effective than other white vein kratom capsules. You might want to opt for white maeng da kratom if you’re in need of a strong energetic boost with a focus on motivation and focus. However, it may also be a good choice if you need something to help reduce your pain, keep your emotions in check, and help you stay upbeat while you cruise through the chaos of your daily life. Our capsules offer a consistent, measured serving of the strongest white maeng da kratom available, allowing you to get the most out of your day and stay positive with anything life throws your way.