White Maeng Da Powder


White maeng da powder is one of the most powerful white vein kratom varieites available, offering strong pain relief and plenty of mood and energy boosting effects that may help you feel your best when you’re under pressure at work. Kratzilla’s organic white maeng da powder is the perfect addition to your favorite foods, beverages, and custom formulas — allowing you to take control over your daily wellness.

  • 25g: $8.99
  • 50g: $12.99
  • 250g: $29.99
  • 1kg:  $99.99


Maeng da is a Thai slang term that means “pimp grade”. That just means that white maeng da kratom is by far one of the strongest possible varieties of white vein kratom available anywhere on the market. It offers higher active alkaloid potency, meaning that it might give you stronger, longer-lasting kratom effects compared to other white vein varieties. Our white maeng da kratom powder is made with fair trade kratom sourced from native trees in Southeast Asia. It contains nothing but 100% organic white vein kratom leaves and no added preservatives, adulterants or chemicals. You can use it to make your own kratom blends or capsules, take more control over your serving size, and easily mix it into foods and beverages. 

Our white maeng da kratom powder is perfect for mixing with green or red powders to find a perfectly therapeutic blend that works for you. However, most people love it because it’s very easy to mix in with a morning cup of coffee or other food or beverage. Choose white maeng da when you’re looking for a sharp burst of energy, potent pain relief, mental focus, and a motivated and upbeat attitude. When you need more control over your serving size and want to experiment to find blends that work for you, you can count on Kratzilla.