• Green Maeng Da Powder

    Green Maeng Da is one of the most balanced (and powerful) kratom strains found anywhere in the world. At Kratzilla, our Kratom powder is the perfect way to get a serving of Green Maeng Da into your system by allowing you to mix it in with your favorite foods and beverages, or with other Kratzilla kratom powders — allowing you more control over your custom formula, serving size and delivery method.
    • 25g: $8.99
    • 50g: $12.99
    • 250g: $29.99
    • 1kg:  $99.99
  • Green Maeng Da Capsules

    Green Maeng Da is among some of the strongest (and most balanced) kratom strains in the world. At Kratzilla, each of our capsules weighs about 0.6mg, making for a perfectly discreet and consistent serving of Green Maeng Da kratom. Enjoy it for its balanced hybrid effects, pain relief and euphoric feeling.  
    • 25 capsules: $9.99
    • 50 capsules: $14.99
    • 250 capsules: $39.99
    • 1 kilogram: $139.99