About Kratom

Kratom, known as Mitragyna speciosato the more scientifically inclined, is a tree native to Southeast Asia.  It is a distant cousin of the coffee tree and is found primarily in Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia.  Native Kratom trees can grow up to a Godzilla-like height of 50 feet tall, and its benefits have been documented in the western world since the 1800s by various groups of botanists and biologists.  In the past decade or so, knowledge of Kratom has become much more abundant and word of this plant’s wondrous medicinal properties has spread immensely.

The reported benefits of Kratom come primarily from the leaves of the tree.  These large, dark green leaves are shed continually throughout the year, providing a fresh and constant supply of powerful alkaloids, which are responsible for the blissful experience one feels with Kratom.

Traditionally, the plant leaves were chewed or brewed in teas in order to obtain the best possible Kratom experience. Thanks to modern innovations we have learned to maximize the effectiveness (and taste) by encapsulating the freshest Kratom powder on the planet.

Treehouse is proud to offer Kratzilla capsules that stomp out the competition.  The powerful wave of Kratzilla Kratom will leave lesser mortals running in terror. Made from 100% all natural, farm fresh leaves, our capsules are filled with the purest Kratom on the market.  This means there are no adulterants or added chemicals.  In addition to being organic, Kratzilla Kratom capsules are delivered in light controlled, heat-sealed packages to ensure freshness and maximum potency. Be awestruck at the power of Kratzilla!

Warning! Do not operate a motorized vehicle, heavy machinery or terrorize small cities. Kratzilla delivers maximum potency. This herbal supplement and its statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Kratzilla Kratom is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For healthy adults 18 years and over only. Keep out of reach of children.